Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Merry Christmas--Let People and Nature Sing!

Our rescued Cypress tree festively participating in Christmas along with the Van Goghish Rosemary tree in the window. By 'rescued' I mean I purchased them in the mark down aisle at the home improvement store.
The little rosemary tree and the cypress will join their siblings in the back yard after we're home from the holidays.

Have a lovely time with your family and friends, inhouse and outside. Create a winter festival for your garden friends--we put up pine cones slathered with peanut butter and imbedded with birdseed. It is quite a chirpy party out there!

We also save paper tubes and made a wreath with seeds pasted with flour glue, hanging on one of our little living Italian Stone pine Christmas  trees from four years ago--its been prospering in the garden, now 10 feet tall! Like this year's Cypress, it traveled by Jolly Tacoma to visit the family in Vegas.

 Be safe and sound--God bless you.

Be sure to bundle up!

And don't forget to check out the full moon on Christmas!

O Holy Night, the Moon Is Brightly Shining--The Sky Is Cheap Entertainment

And here is a lovely little poem by e e cummings just right for this occasion.

[ little tree]

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