Thursday, October 29, 2015

A-Mulching We Will Go

I am a self-confessed sloppy gardener. But that seems to benefit my vibrant garden community, because their natural cycles of life are undisturbed by chemicals or conformity to strict neighborhood standards of conformity (I live in the country, you could say.) 

My beloved well-developed heap.

I have big trees and enjoy making huge piles of leaves that biodegrade into some really good mulch. Of course, my 3/4 acre yard truly does not look Martha Stewartish. But I am happy to be with my butterflies, bees, birds, critters in the soil, and Van Gogh-looking trees and plants. Some butterflies use the mulch heap to go through metamorphosis. I love it. 

Maple and mulberry leaves, waiting to be mulch.

So I'm spending  time this autumn to tuck the garden in for the winter with a snug blanket of mulch; some those piles have been processing for several years. Its fun to get out there with a spade and my old wheelbarrow and be like all my farmer ancestors. I'm digging it! (Sorry about the pun.)

 4 Ways to Mulch Your Vegetable Garden 

All About Garden Mulches

Choosing the Right Mulch
for Vegetable Gardens

Using Mulch Wisely

How to Make Compost

Love this title. And joining nature in a cycle of growth!

Compost Gardening:  Welcome to our dirty, rotten neighborhood! 


Proud to be a Certified Wildlife Habitat as well as a Certified Butterfly Garden.



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