Saturday, April 18, 2015

Hello, Nature Lovers! Let's Get Our Garden On!

It's spring! Stand up and shout! These are Daisies--April's Flower
Let's go outside, dig a hole, hear birds sing, water, grow something. Something to eat, something to smell, something the bees will love. Let's team up with nature and recycle the leaves to mulch and have a joyous celebration with bugs, worms, butterflies and such! We are in the cycle of life--chirping, changing, growing, wondering about the weather, learning how to collaborate with nature for a better life.

You will 'bee' very happy growing mint!
We dig with the critters in the earth, stretch with the trees to the sky, lift with powers of nature to
form our habitat--we get stronger, happier, healthier along with our garden community of plants, bugs, birds, bees and butterflies. We really rock. All year, every month, week and day. Sun up, sun down--and through the night we grow.

Kids, grownups, grandpas, grandmas, sisters, brothers, cousins, classmates, neighbors--we are all on nature's team.

Groovin' with the ladybugs.
My garden and I get along great--probably due to the fact that I'm a 'sloppy gardener' and let nature
have a pretty good time. It is sort of country here--fairly open spaces, birds sing, rabbits live in the back, ravens fly overhead, I can putter around without hassle. It brings me solitude, peace, and exercise; being a grandma-type person, those are all good things. BTW, these are all photos from my garden.

Do you have a precious, tiny window garden? A favorite planter of kitchen herbs? An acre of long rows of veggies? Orchard of fruit trees? Dearly loved hanging baskets of flowers? A Bee, Butterfly, and Hummingbird Garden? Let's garden together!

What to think? Where to start?

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